Erotic Fetish Role Play
Although punishment is a cornerstone of what I enjoy, I also love role play. For me it is not just an acting exercise. A convincing erotic and kinky role play requires sinking into the character and seeing the world through their eyes. Listed below are the role play scenarios I enjoy the most. However, if you have a particular fantasy in mind, feel free to suggest, as I am not averse to new exciting adventures. I also offer ‘a vanilla friend experience’ where you are being watched by a non-kinky girlfriend of mine.


As a tribute to my old teaching work, I adore getting formally dressed up in order to see unruly students who have been sent to my office for detention for persistent rule breaking. As your Headmistress or Governess, I deliver an old-fashioned punishment of the cane or over the knee spanking. As the Headmistress I particularly relish in seeing a sore and stripped-down bottom on a deserving pupil.


Perhaps you need to atone for more serious crimes. Even if you initially plead not guilty, I have many ways to interrogate you. From simple cage and corner time, tickle torture or even predicament bondage, I will soon ensure you confess. Only then will I deliver a punishment befitting your crime. Be warned, the harder your resist and the longer you plead not guilty, the more severe the punishment will be. And remember, I always get a what I want.
Interrogations can be within the confines of the law or a more unconventional kidnapping, where I can submit you to my sadistic and torturous whim, perhaps sent by an ex-girlfriend who has commissioned me to enact her revenge.


Imagine being my patient, strapped down on my medical examination table as I inspect, and invasively examine your most sensitive parts with an arsenal if instruments at my disposal. I especially enjoy using my enemas, speculums and needles. If you are unnecessarily loud, I will find a suitable gag that would silence your howls, as you gaze at me dressed in one of my many uniforms, If you are lucky, I may even consider your request as to which uniform I wear, when I perform on you.


Or perhaps you are nothing more than a lowly dog, with no autonomy, except of what I deem as a reward. I follow a strict training, pet-focused protocol, with humiliation and punishments being the core aspects of this type of roleplay for me. It would typically involve the use of tail butt plugs, gags, collars, and leashes. I enjoy pet play because aside from it being simply a fun and enjoyable experience, it reinforces the owner/owned relationship. The humiliation and dependency aspect, not being permitted on furniture, restricting the submissive movements, or even verbal communication to a simple meow or woof, can be quite exciting, as is playing trick exercises, and then giving out treats for good behaving puppy wannabes.


Maybe you misbehaved at work and missed a very important deadline for me. Perhaps, I told you to file these reports yesterday and you disobeyed me, and a good amount of spanking would help you stay focused, organized and will condition your behaviour. Or I have just found out that you have been taking unsolicited pictures of your female colleagues, so you either serve me, or you risk losing your job. I also love wearing formal business attire, pencil skirts, white shirts, seemed stockings and high heels, always being ultimately dominant and powerful in such outfits.


You can be my personal maid to serve me, cook for me, and clean my apartment, I will put you in a satin, PVC or latex maid dress, with a silky pair of matching panties, stockings and heels, then ask you to be of use to me, as an obedient maid should. However, you must know, I have an extremely high standards when it comes to cleanliness, so if you will not meet them, a punishment awaits.


My boiler broke down and needs immediate repair, as I simply cannot bear it without hot water. I summon you to my apartment. When you arrive, you are shown where the problem lies, and I explain the plumbing issues. I offer you a cup of tea and disappear to the kitchen, leaving you to get on with your work, only to find out that you have been sneaking around my bedroom, trying to put on my lingerie. I caught you on the hidden CCTV camera installed in my apartment. Deeply shaken by your behaviour, I develop a deep desire to punish you. I confront you and tell you to strip down. You are then ordered to put my panties on, I then push you further and demand you to wear my silky stockings and heels. Soon you discover, that I have a dungeon in my basement, where I enjoy turning perverts like you into sissies or sluts, and this is where you will get transformed. You will do as you are told, or your employer will get the CCTV info. This will make you comply.

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